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[ mark menjivar ] you are what you eat

(documentary filmmakers | san diego, ca | 3-person household | efforts have helped send millions of dollars to children in uganda | 2008)

one HUGE thing i miss about living on my own is having my own kitchen. living back with my mom and grandparents, i don't get a chance to use the kitchen very often. and even when i want to make my own food, we don't really have the ingredients i need. because i can't really grocery shop, as there's not much room in the fridge anyway.

mark menjivar has a photo series called "you are what you eat" - where he traveled all over the US photographing the inside of people's fridges. interesting that people view their fridge as a private thing... and more interesting how much what's in your fridge can define you.

restaurant owner | waco, tx | 1-person household | has a photographic memory for useless information | 2009

botanist | fort wayne, in | 1-person household | feels more comfortable with flora & fauna of his era than people | 2008

owner of defunct amusement park | alpine, tx | 1-person household | former WWII prisoner of war | 2007

bartender | san antonio, tx | 1-person household goes to sleep at 8am and wakes up at 4am daily | 2008

midwife/middle school science teacher | san antonio, tx | 3-person household (plus a dog) | first week after deciding to eat locally grown vegetables | 2008disabled | marathon, tx | 2-person household | weighed 390 lbs earlier this year | 2007

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