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[ todd von bastiaans and bryan mccarthy ] pancake floor pillows

so, two weekends ago it was richie rich's bday and we went out clubbing in dc w/ a the whole crew. and then, afterwards, whilst on the way home, richie rich called for cheesesteak delivery. which we then promptly demolished before passing OUT at tighef's place. wondrous.

the next morning we woke up and decided to go eat at florida avenue grill. and. uhm. OMG. best hot cake i've EVER....EVER had. it was fumongous, first of all. and second of all, it was sitting in a plate of buttery goodness. yum. the way breakfast is meant to be eaten. slathered in butter.

these floor pillows by todd von bastiaans and bryan mccarthy remind me of those delicious hot cakes. not only do the pillows look yummy, but they look super comfy too!

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