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[ dust furniture ] stacked cabinets

I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG. so for that, i am sorry, faithful readers. had a CRAZY few weeks - busy at work, busy on the weekends, busy busy busy busy BUSY. wah! so anywho, i've also been trying to get back into going to the movies all the time. we went to the midnight showing of hunger games (WHICH WAS AWESOME AND I WANNA GO SEE IT 10 MORE TIMES). but i still havent seen the lorax or the vow (yes, chickflick) or the woman in black (outta theaters now i think) or a LOT of other movies. and we all know how much of a movie maniac i am.

speaking of the lorax, don't these cabinets by dust furniture remind you of dr. seuss. saw these over on design milk, who tweeted that they remind her of tim burton. but the longer i look, the more seuss i see. do you agree?
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