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hey all!

it's been - again - too long. lots of things have been ch-ch-ch-CHANGING for me lately. new job! new art projects! new design projects! new phone (cus the old one was stolen, and boy is that a story)!

and maybe most exciting for you, my readers - NEW WEBSITE. coming soon!

the reason: the new phone is awesome (galaxy s2) but i made the mistake of importing from google when i started it. meaning it pulled every email address i've ever emailed from gmail and every photo i've ever uploaded to blogspot. needless to say that's not what i wanted to accomplish by "importing contacts" from gmail >_< so i deleted em. again. my mistake. so now my blog is.... confused looking to say the least. and my gmail is missing a few contacts (sorry guys!).

seems like a lot of new beginnings are on the horizon, though. leaving behind a lot of old stuff and making way for the new awesome stuff. and so, even though i'd love to be able to fix the photo issue and get this blog back to what it was, i think it's time to put my blog in a NEW place ^^

this isn't goodbye, this is be back soon!

ps: get ready to meet a lot more lil dudes like this guy

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