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[ pablo matteoda ] sharky tea infuser

i've been really into teavana tea lately. i'm all about homeopathic hollistic awesomeness so - say - when i had a bad cold this winter, i drank some teavana tea to help with the congestion, coughing, etc. ALSO, they have really great anti-nausea tea for hangovers (i'm serious, ginger ginseng something or other aka awesome in a cup).

anyway, my teavana teaball, as functional as it is, is nowhere as cool as this sharky infuser by pablo matteoda. you can buy it here but its out of stock at the mo'. PRETTY cool though right?! duh-nuh.... duh-nuh.... DUN-NUH DUN-NUH DUN-NUH! 

ok anyway i'm actually delirious cus i've been up since way too early for me (aka 7am) and i literally need to take a nap before i do anymore of this (click the link, cus i literally can't even describe it) today.

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sharky tea infuser: click
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