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[ dain suh ] sushi babies

for my bday, bossdawg took me out for sushi for lunch and it was DERICIOUS. i've been craving 회 (hwae) and sushi for weeks and that seriously hit the spot. although, now, thinking about it.... i'm still craving it! i told nevz that when he gets back from china, we are going STRAIGHT to hinata. uni & sweet shrimp are calling me name. i ALSO really wanna go to the 회집 (hwae restaurant) in ellicott city - that ish is GOOD.

was 'researching' a blog entry (researching sounds too formal, but i mean, i guess thats what it is?) and happened upon these delightful cartoon sushis by dain suh! yummy yummy yummy its so good for my tummy, yummy yummy yummy yumMY!~

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