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[ eileen renger kundin ] where the wild things are slippers

someone remind me to do a "request off" form for the first weekend of may. i MUST go to ny and see  my ruvs - autumnus and olicakes <3 <3 <3 also. can i just say. i need to either 1) send babbycakes some presents from me and my moomy or 2) take said presents with me to new york and give them to him there. either way, autumnus will prob smack me cus i cant stop shopping for the lil man. but isn't that what 이모s (imo=auntie) do?? i think so!

someone please stop me before i (or MAKE ME) buy these wolfish slippers for olicakes. handmade by eileen renger kundin, you can choose from a buncha diff faux fur fabrics. inspired by where the wild things are, these are too darn cute. and they come in adult sizes. so basically i should buy one for olicakes, one for autumnus, one for erise my ruv, and one for myself. the whole motley ragtag raggamuffin crew <3

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