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[ mimi kirchner ] tattooed man

i've been REALLY wanting to add to my tattoo lately. i even found a page in my sketchbook of what i want the addition to look like (sans color). lots of ideas floating around in my head. what i know for sure is i want this dove to be a phoenix. very symbolic of the past 3 years (OMG THREE YEARS) of my life... and ESPECIALLY last year - rebirth, renewal, reflame. beyond that, i've got TWO other tattoos i want. one of them is simple and i can do it whenever and im just deciding where it wants to go. and then the second one is gonna be a lot more work and a lot more planning and a lot... just... more.

dont even remember where i stumbled upon these awesome dolls by mimi kirchner. love the tattooed man (and woman) in all its variations. i had it opened in a tab on firefox for at least week, which is about how long we've been internetless (thanks a LOT comcast). so now that the internet is back, that means I'M back too - with so many things to blog its not even funny. maybe sometimes it's funny. i donno. i'm tired. ok i'm gonna stop now.

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