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[ vík prjónsdóttir ] baby sealpelt

sorry for my absence in the blogosphere. i just said blogosphere. im sleepy. yawn.

i went to michigan this past weekend to see my LOVES. erise my ruv, autumnus, olicakes, and david big butt. (i do love me some nicknames, don't i?) in any case, it was an amazing trip and WAY TOO SHORT. i miss them so mucheeeee already! but we had loads of fun - eating delicious yumyums, opening wine bottles with absolute precision, watching elmo dance like a GRANGSTA - ya know, the usual hehehe.

anyway, olicakes has grown SO MUCH (make him stop!!!!!!!!!). and the night before i go to michigan, my mom goes out to buy him a buncha clothes and then comes home and repacks me a BIGGER suitcase for all his stuff hahaha. loveeee! and i basically wish this had been part of the things we packed cus WHAT. can we get this for him? how CUTE would olicakes look in this, PEOPLE. it's like a snuggie but full body, made of icelandic sheep wool. plus - every purchase of the baby sealpelt (there are adult ones too btw ahem) from now til march 2012, goes towards supporting the family of sigrún lára kjartansdótti, a little baby fighting an aggressive and rare form of cancer. good product, good cause!

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