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[ black + blum ] time square

i never use my calendars or agendas to write down plans. i'll start using it when it's new and then slowly but surely, the notes on there become few and far between. in high school, it was the same with writing down homework (though i'd somehow still remember to do it all and get it all done for the most part). even so, i always remember my plans for any given day. it's also the reason i'm social media queen. i can multitask to the nth degree.

even though i'm bad at writing down plans i DO love this clock by design duo black + blum. and if i ever have a work-from-home office (ideally, i'll be working from home cus i have my own bi'ness), i want this right by my desk so i can put my plans on there. and doodle. lots of doodling.

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