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[ dan golden ] cb2 collection

yesterday i decided i wanted to make 만두국 (mandoo guk) with the 만두 (mandoo) that unnz & her family made. i didn't really have all of the right ingredients but it still turned out delicious if i do say so myself. i loveee to cook and now that mama & baba are on vacay, i have the kitchen to myself (and my mom's self hahaha). so we get to cook yummies all the time. i love it!

i wish there was a full set of these plates by dan golden. the two plates and tray here are part of a collection he designed for cb2 (related to crate&barrel). i WANT. but seriously i want like.... 6-8 different versions of this plate for my future house. it'd be fun to do bowls as well and come up with ways to represent things like soup or ice cream sundae.

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