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[ alexei alexeev ] log jam

as you know, i've ALREADY shared some of the episodes of alexei alexeev's short animations. formerly titled "kjfg," the mini-sodes are now known as "log jam." i stumbled upon a new episode and then realized there were a few new ones! my favourite is probably the duck one out of these. can we get this on a DVD box set (not kidding) so i can watch them all the time?!

wondering about the name change? in an interview, alexeev stated that he came up with the title "kjfg" out of thin air so as to avoid any preconceived notions about the animated shorts. but after a couple companies with the same name contacted him, he decided on "log jam" with help from nickelodeon UK producer peter drake. either way, the mystery of kjfg was fun and log jam is fitting!

log jam - the duck

log jam - snow

log jam - the beaver

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