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[ alexei alexeev ] KJFG No2 - The Moon

KJFG No2 - The Moon

i was skyping with jen unnz the other day cus she's back in america and im here in korea missing her. and she was talking about this short animation that she randomly caught on nickelodeon here in korea. she usually falls asleep with the tv on and she said, around 3 or 4 in the morning, this random animated short would come on. and it featured a bear, rabbit, and badger wolf. so of course we tried to look for it on youtube and lo and behold we dubz found it!

alexei alexeev has five episodes (that i could find, anyway) of this KJFG animation of his. and it is SO CLEVER. i mean it's perfect. there's humour and sarcasm and irony in every minute (or so) episode. the animation has won a buncha awards for its awesomeness too. the first one i ever saw was KJFG No5, but i think KJFG No2 - The Moon is my favorite. though it's hard to choose.

basically, i'm completely obsessed with the animation and we are prone to "singing" like the wolf every now and then. who sounds a lot like the sound the pipes make in my house back in maryland when we turn the hose on outside.

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