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[ andre de freitas ] zombie portraits

ITS HALLOWEEN. one of my favourite days of the entire year. unfortunately, didn't really.... DO as much as i would've liked this year. didn't go clubbing (snowed saturday) or really dress up (only looked like a creepy doll at work). and i'm not sure we'll be going to georgetown tonight after all :( but if NOT then i DO want to have a movie marathon tonight: hocus pocus, little monsters, nightmare before christmas (usually a xmas movie for me but still), etc.etc. me and richie rich already watched the first resident evil at ANdy's on friday night. aka one of my favourite zombie movies - OF ALL TIME. ahem.

zombie seems to be the 'costume' of choice this year. everyone and their mom be splashing some fake blood on before heading out to the bar/club! there wasnt even a good zombie movie OUT this year (as far as i know) which makes this trend even more interesting. this zombie portraits series by andre de freitas lets us imagine even our favourite iconic and/or heroic characters as zombies this year.

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