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[ 6 picks ] dinosawraus

while erise, autumnus, and olipops were here to visit, we visited the museum of natural history. my favourite stuff is the under-the-sea stuff. autumn's is the dinos! so here are 6 dino picks dedicated to her!!!

by shyama golden
[ a more sophisticated flintstones? ]

dinosaur loves bacon: necklace
by snash jewelry
[ something i have in common w/ dinos! m'mm ]

know your dinsoaurs: hoodie
by sarah sobole
[ hahaha the t-rex eating the brachiosaurus ]

i was a dinosaur: digital illustration
by valentina ramos
[ this could've been in the roosters 6 picks but the title made it too perfect ]

dinomite: hand cut paper silhouette on vellum
by jessica alpern
[ SO INTRICATE - i cant even imagine ]

dinosaur juice box: rubbermaid
by dbout
[ ok sooooo..... olipops needs this.... just saying ]

[ links ]
home sweet brachiosaurus: click
dinosaur loves bacon: click
know your dinosaurs: click
i was a dinosaur: click
dinomite: click
dinosaur juice box: click

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