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well, i'm not sure if i ever blogged about this but i FINALLY watched the 4th pirates of the caribbean w/ jasong and, despite popular opinion, i found it to be fun. i suppose most people that weren't feeling it disliked the absence of will turner and elizabeth swan. but as a huge pirates of the caribbean dork (and jack sparrow fan) i found it to be quite fun! i'll even venture to say it was better than the 2nd and 3rd, though definitely not better than the 1st.

derek eads has such a fun aesthetic. his work is amusing and unassuming -- for some reason the word "stoic" comes to mind. i had seen his bill murray illustrations (below) before but - of course - i squealed like a little girl when i saw the johnny depp illustration above. simply titled "depps" the piece illustrates johnny depp as his various roles throughout the years. of course the edward scissorhands, jack sparrow, and mad hatter stood out to me right from the start, but it was fun for me to go through the rest of them as well since i'm such a johnny depp fan (have almost all of his movies on dvd).

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