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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the rooster

i am the complete opposite of a morning person. if i could, i'd stay up until 3am (or later) every night and get my 8 hours from there. 11am wake up call anyone? and since i'm such a night owl, i - personally - would not get along w/ a rooster. waking ppl up at the crack of dawn.... tsk!

in any case, good morning say the roosters in this 6 picks. my kinda morning. 10:15am. haha!

rooster: illustration 
by nicola rowsell
[ this style and color choice are absolutely lovely ]

by we dream in colour
[ the weathered look is perfect to highlight details ]

pink and white grizzly: 10 inch feather hair extension
[ erise my ruv's feather hair extensions are delicate and edgy ]

rooster collection: recycled wood and screenprinted rooster
by dolan geiman
[ rustic and fun! great colors and textures ]

sunny side up: doodle everyday collection
by lim heng swee
[ he did a doodle everyday for a year and this is one of 'em! ]

happy rooster on wheels: wooden rooster toy
by pretty dreamer
[ a vintage-feel children's toy ^^ ]

[ links ]
rooster: click
fine feathered posts: click
pink and white grizzly: click
rooster collection: click
sunny side up: click
happy rooster on wheels: click

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