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it's beautiful out today after a full day of raging winds and torrential downpours. spring is slowly creeping up on us. though, if you've lived in md ever, you know that we'll get a few of these lovely spring days and BAM! summer will hit. now, i'm a fall&winter girl (snow<3) but i can't wait til crab feasts and swimming. and the pool looks oh-so-inviting at the moment.

maureen shields works in collages. i was on the prowl for work to add to an upcoming (very soon) 6 picks and i was so drawn to this piece. it's beautiful! simple, clean, delicious, slightly forlorn. it makes me think of solitary summer days, deep in thought with an ice cream cone. her older work was decidedly busier but i much prefer the stagnant and wonderfully lethargic feel of her newer pieces.

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