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[ 6 picks ] happy(?) black day

sooo, it is the infamous black day today. meaning everyone who happens to be single should be dining on 짜장면/jjajangmyun. nyam! i havent had it in so long, i'm thinking lunch today? mayhaps!

anyways, here are some black picks to help ya get in the black day spirit!

bearded man pillow: 20" tall, printed
by species by the thousands
[ backed w/ vintage fabric from the 70s ]

red riding hood: concept art
by manuel augusto dischinger moura
[ quite eerie, but she looks like one tough cookie ]

lace riding pant: jersey stretch trousers
by stolen girlfriends club
[ i absolutely adore these, want want want want want ]

hive coffee table: powder-coated bent steel
by arktura
[ can also be used as a bench, its got great detail ]

yogurt blackberry: watch
by nooka
[ shared nooka long before... they always have oddly fun watch designs ]

ursa major constellation - the big bear: embroidered felt
by christin morgan
[ simple and wonderful, the ursa minor (bottom) is cute too ]

[ links ]
bearded man pillow: click
red riding hood: click
lace riding pant: click
hive coffee table: click
yogurt blackberry: click
ursa major constellation - the big bear: click

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