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[ jacob pritchard ] pictures in bed

it's my day off and i've been in a lazzzzyyyyy mood all day. the weather was blegh and so was the overall mood. which made me wanna lay in bed and be a bum. although, i did NOT do that... it's what i wanted to do.

jacob pritchard is working on an on-going project called pictures in bed. basically, he comes over, sets up a few lights, and gets a camera with a timer ready. then, he leaves it up to you for a day or two. cool thing is, you can review pictures and delete them before he comes back for the camera. isn't that so cool?!? at the moment, all shoots are happening in new york, so if you're in NYC, totally participate!!!! i'd love to, if i could! i spend like a kajillion hours blogging, arting, gaming, reading, talking in my bed~

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