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[ 6 picks ] he's so bright, milky white

so! i'm quite sure i've shared the above video a kajillion times. but, what can i say? i LOVE the mighty boosh. british humour is oh-so-funny to me. the character above is the moon, who randomly comes up injecting his random thoughts into situations. i have a few favorite things he talks about - like when he licked the sun's back during an eclipse. or when he sings his moon song.

being a night owl, me and the moon hang out quite a bit. and here are 6 moon-ful picks so you guys can hang with the moon a bit too~

period: acrylic, spray on mdf
by fredrik åkum
[ the colors and textures in this piece are amazing ]

winter 2011: colletion
by stella mccartney
[ i doubt she meant these to look moon-y, but they do! ]

moon cup (달잔): tea-set
by tale
[ this is such an amazing idea~ ruvvv!!! ]

silver moon: clock
by cybermoon
[ made w/ an actual picture of the moon ]

crags and a crescent moon: photograph
by laura bell
[ her alba series is quiet/dark/reflective/lonely... wonderfully done ]

queen of love: in silver moon
by linvin
[ made of eco-friendly polyethylene, great for inside or out! ]

[ links ]
period: click
winter 2011 - stella mccartney: click
moon cup: click
silver moon: click
crags and a crescent moon: click
queen of love: click

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