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[ 6 picks ] happy white day

i think i've written about white day before? but maybe not. for those of you who donno what it is, its a "holiday" celebrated in south korea and japan. i first heard about + celebrated it when i studied abroad in seoul in 2008. we got to korea just a little bit before my birthday (february 27th, btw) so we didn't spend valentine's day there. but, basically, girls are supposed to give their boyfriends (or guys they like, or guys in general - i guess) chocolate on valentine's day. then, a month later on white day, guys are supposed to give candy to their girlfriends...girls they like...any girl really.

i spent white day with this guy (whose name i dont remember now... how awful of me ><). he took me to 경복궁/gyeungbokgoong, a palace near city hall, as well as a museum. he got me handmade chocolates that came in this REALLY awesome wooden box (which i still have, and holds a bunch of jewelry). and then, in typical korean fashion, we spent a few hours at a cafe drinking lattes -- and trying to hold a korean-english conversation. all in all it was a lotta fun. thank you, mr. anonymous!

in honor of white day, i've compiled 6 colour-white picks! enjoy~

of solitude: paper with holes poked through
by jae won lee
[ all of her work is so tranquil ]

lamb: custom-lined animal hood
by merrimaking
[ with fake fur, of course! i want the city fox one (on site) ]

oto 100: storage system in warm white
by muuto
[ meant for those always-on-the-go, easy to take apart + put together ]

tulle dress: sleeveless and tiered
by MoDN
[ oh i wantttttt thissss~ very korean fashion 2008 ]
rectangle ring: plastic
by nOir
[ again, me and my acrylic jewelry obsession... ]

tree stand: in white
by buy beam
[ what a fun bedside "lamp" haha ]

[ links ]
of solitude: click
lamb: click
oto 100: click
tulle dress: click
rectangle ring: click
tree stand: click

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