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[ 6 picks ] the right triangle

i know i know. i've already done an entire 6 picks on triangles before. but i cant help it. triangles are sucha versatile design/art tool, i cant stay away! so many awesome things are triangle-shaped. like a diagonal-sliced grilled cheese sandwich half. yup. thats whats on my mind.

SO! get ready to see some delightfully simple, clean, and happy triangles. the weather's nice out and i don't have work, so i'm in quite the good mood, as you can see.

kiraffi: printed A4 poster
by weekday carnival
[ so beautiful in its simplicity ]

by milk teeth
[ OMG i love this shirt! harry potter ftw! ]

location I: photography
by koto bolofo
[ his style is so whimsical and stark. amazing!]

two triangles: salt and pepper shakers
by rou designs
[ salt and pepper shakers are one of those things that can be so..designy ]

by urban outfitters
[ would be the perfect accent to an all-black outfit, yes? ]

triangolo: cake serving dish set
by hadass ella
[ perfect idea for birthdays, etc. ]

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