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[ 6 picks ] in a triangular fashion

a^2 + b^2 = c^2

ok. here are 6 picks, all featuring triangles!

hiding - racoon: digital illustration
by stipontwerpt
[ soooo detailed! a great mixture of color and texture ]

origami: 63in tall lamp
by rs barcelona
[ triangle at the top and base~ veryyy simply designed ]

geometric triangle: two-finger acrylic ring
 by plastique
[ i LOVE (and SUPER want) this ]

by mark warren jacques
[ the colors of the top shirt are really fun ]

[ such strangely fitting collages! his others are awesome too ]

by lee jeongeun
[ this would be so perfect for plane rides to-from korea ]

[ links ]
hiding - racoon: click
origami lamp: click
geometric triangle ring: click
projector white t-shirt: click
i hate it when she just randomly says french words... i mean she's from ohio: click
propose ring cushion: click

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