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[ 6 picks ] animal farm

not that i've read the book since high school (middle school?). but i have been gathering up old macdonald farm animal picks for awhile. and it just so happened that all these farmy animals make an appearance in george orwell's famed book.

i put them in order of "importance" in the animal farm plot (kinda). so lets start with the pigs and work our way to the cows, shall we?

by julia freund
[ this piggie is adorable w/ his lil socksies ]

swing horse: necklace
by theoro
[ its even better cus of how little it actually is ]

mail donkey: cream cotton printed purse
by caitlin hinshelwood
 [ eeee they are simply delightful ]

freshly butchered meat: stitched illustration of meatpaper magazine cover
by emily l. eibel
[ these "embroidered" illustrations are amazingly well done ]

sheep: room rug
by beautiful room
[ and it also comes in two other color combos ]

iltavilli: tray
by miina äkkijyrkkä at marimekko
[ i love the illustrated quality against the bright colors ]

[ links ]
illustration 1: click
swing horse: click
mail donkey: click
freshly butchered meat: click
sheep: click
iltavilli: click

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