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[ snap design ] laptop cases

i'm getting my new macbook pro TODAY! {thanks moo!} and i'm super excited. the macbook i have now has served me well for 6 years. but it is now on the last leg of it's long and fruitful life. it's time for me to move on and have a computer that functions to it's fullest capabilities... so i can start designing again!!! i miss designing but my computer literally can't handle opening photoshop and illustrator at the same time. and can barely open up indesign, in general.

what with getting a new computer, i'm gonna need a new laptop case. i donno if i want a new case or a whole laptop bag, yet. a case is more convenient cus i can get a new backpack and be able to fit the laptop and other thangs in there. but this laptop bag by snap design is so pwetty. i'd get it in the kelly green, above. but all their color combos are pretty fun. plus, it's technically a "case" since you can take off the adjustable strap.

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