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[ 6 picks ] back to school, fool!

yeah yeah, so i'm not even going back to school cus i'm all gradumatated. but it's about that time of year when i'd be heading back to the university of maryland campus. oh how i miss the days of school. when school was fun. and all-nighters were fun. and not going to class was fun. and sometimes going to class was fun, too.

but since many others will be starting their semesters soon, i figured i'd do a 6 picks on school-related stuff that i'm pretty excited to share with errybody. plus, its been awhile since i've done a 6 picks. plus, i clearly can't speak engrishee no' mo'...

in the mix: grey rucksack
by lazy oaf
[ omg i REALLY want the grey one!!!!!! ]
tennis nils: gris clair
by bensimon
[ i'm sucha canvas-shoe fiend... perfect back-to-school shoes, no? ]
by jane mount
[ her painting series of her fave childhood stories = great! ]
banana pencil case: hard-case
by artbox
[ i almost bought this when i was in korea ]
endless crap: personal assistant organizer
by modcloth
[ YEAH perfect name for this hahaha ]

stationary pin set: 3 brooches
by lazy oaf (for TATE)
[ these are entirely too adorable for their own good ]

[ links ]
in the mix (rucksack): click
tennis nils (gris): click
ideal bookshelf 42: click
banana pencil case: click
endless crap: click
stationary pin set: click

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