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i totally forgot to share my last card with you all. it's one i made for jen unnz, when i was sending her a box of american cheetos from the US to korea. and she sent me korean cheetos which i freakin love. i have one bag left and dubz better hurry up before i accidentally eat it. ok jk i wouldn't do that.... meeheehee.

so anywho! i had this sketch in the same sketchbook as the hibernate print i sent erise my ruvvvv. i did a buncha sketches of animals that aren't really animals. some of them are mixed up... like hybrid, you could say. and others are clearly just not real. i may scan the rest of the drawings and make them into cards for the upcoming holiday season. we shall see.

i willllll be working on some fun card designs though, so keep an eye out for those!~ i might not share them with you guys til after i've delivered them to people though... so it might be in january that you'll get to see!

{detailed view}

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