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[ be • fore • % ] hibernate

here's an illustration i did for erise my ruv. i sent it to her with her birthday things (purchased in korea, but of course) a few weeks ago. btw, can i just gripe about how slow the US postal service is for a second? i sent her and autumn their packages on a thursday and it took a good week and a half to get to michigan from maryland. unnz sent me a package from korea and it took exactly 4 days (INCLUDING weekend) to get to maryland... from SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. there's something wrong w/ this picture, no?


this little (large) guy is a made-up animal from a sketchbook i kept a few years ago full of animal hybrids. his favorite thing to do is hibernate (like our doggie suzzy) with a little toothy grin on his fluffy face. beware of his hands and foots though, as one half-hearted swipe from him could very easily concuss you.


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Elise / 종은 said...

kekeke I love this it's on my bulletin board to my left

wren said...

i love the teeth! :D