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[ 6 picks ] tea for two

i've blogged about tea lots and lots of times. if you type "tea" into the searchbox to the right, you'll get a buncha different blog entries i did involving tea. i just love tea!!! i do not like water particularly at all, except for pelligrino. so i drink tea more often than not. i especially like 보리차 aka barley tea!

my 6 picks today is all about teatime!

by la sukita
[ reminds me of the underfull tablecloth, no? ] 

blaue blume: teaset
by undergrowth design
[ hahah this is so funny and cute ] 

tea leaves: dress
by modcloth
[ victorian inspired~ i love the voluminous skirt + color ] 

one: tea vessel
by vessel ideation
[ boil and serve in one! ]

by lineanongrata
[ almost child-like in its stylization ]

coffee cup on a wall: wall mounting
by ted noten
[ cross cut of a coffee cup hehehe! ] 

[ links ]
nadie le quita lo bailando: click
blaue blume: click
tea leaves: click
one vessel: click
the mad hatter drinks tea: click
coffee cup on a wall: click

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