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[ cipher ] drinking glass

i've been so MIA and for that i apologize. i'm getting promoted at work so it's been a bit busy with all that. and, wouldn't ya know, i'm in the city this weekend. NYC, that is. so i've been busy running around, shopping, drinking, and breaking my phone. (i promise that the last two on that list aren't related.)

i got an email from umma gom the other day and i MUST share it. these are lovely drinking glasses by cipher. i LOVE that, depending on what liquid u pour in, it shows up differently on the glass.

these would be fun as customized glasses for those specialized bars with super crajee mixtures of deliciousness. we went to PDT, which i guess i'm not technically supposed to talk about? *shrug* in any case, it'd be fun to see these glasses patterned to fit their drinks - maybe in a sampler or something where you get to try 3 or 4 drinks. oh the possibilities. i had a witch's kiss - a lovely concoction of tequila, lemon, and apple butter. so delicious.

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