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[ kristine bjaadal ] underfull

(underfull tablecloth)

this is a really interesting conceptual idea by kristine bjaadal. it's seemingly a simple white tablecloth. but as soon as someone spills something on it, a pattern shows up! very innovative and makes a clumsy accident into a happy one, right away!

i think this is so freaking cool. imagine all the awesome colors that would end up being on the tablecloth even after you washed it.... wine, kimchi jigae, grape drink, ghormeh sabzi...!! taste the rainbow? haha

Sooner or later someone is bound to spill, but where this person usually feels clumsy and embarrassed, he will now feel fortunate. An everyday negative situation is turned into a positive experience.

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1 comment:

Kristi said...

well...I'll still shame them by not refilling their wine glass!