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[ shinmin li ] handpainted chinese fan cake

handpainted chinese fan on jewelry box | toasted almond cake | serves 30

yes~ i know, i know. this is not a food blog. but food can be art too! and these cakes by shinmin li are most definitely works of art. i want one! for no reason at all, really. except that they are so amazingly well-made. it doesn't even look like cake!!! and the flavors are simply yummy-sounding.

how i heard of her was kinda funny. i'm watching top chef: just desserts. and shinmin li is a guest judge this episode. and for good reason. look at her freaking cakes! edible art, m'mm. unfortunately, i dream of cake, where she made these masterpieces along with a team, has closed. so everyone should watch out for what comes next for her!

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