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[ elaine ho ] skinny tentacle

i've been reminiscing about our summer in korea. mostly cus i'm so bored being... not-in-korea. and obviously cus i miss the fun ole daysss. the other day i was remembering our yummy trip to 노량진/noryangjin - seoul's fumongous fish market. while we were there, we had freshly cut sashimi and HUMONGO prawns and spicy fish stew. andddd! live octopus aka 산낙지/san nak ji. mwahaha! it's cut up into bite-sized pieces that are still moving ~ though there are people who will pop an entire octopus in their mouth but, alas, i am not one of those people. anyway, you sorta just dip it in sesame oil and salt and sometimes 고추장/gochu jang (a korean hot pepper paste) and chew chew chew chew chew til it stops moving. it tastes mostly like whatever you dip it in. so what grosses people out the most is the moving (of course). i like it though!

anyways. the octopus tentacle necklace above is fun and odd. elaine ho has a BUNCH of really.... quirky yet simple/classic designs. i love the ones below too, among the many cool jewelry designs she has!

left to right: royal skull, drunk rabbit
two-headed deer
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