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aluberto oppa said he'd take us to 노량진/noryangjin, which is basically a fuge fish market in seoul. basically, he said you can go and pick out a fish and they just cut it up for you to eat right there! like a huge 회/hwae market (or sashimi if that's a more familiar term). OMG. TOO. EXCITED. i think we're going to go on wednesday and i cannot waaaaaaaait!!!

even though these advertisements by taku satoh design office for the issey miyake clothing line "pleats please" are from last year, i LOVE them. so well done. it makes the fabric look so.... YUMMAY. dontcha just wanna eat it? hahaha.

here are the advertisements that taku satoh design office did for the pleats please line this year. also well-designed... and delightfully simple. but i will admit that i love the sushi ads from last year more.

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