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[ 6 picks ] keep a watchful eye out

now that i'm working retail, i've noticed that i absolutely need a watch. since i can't use my phone as a time-keeping device... since i can't have my phone with me at all times. like i normally do. and let me tell you, it's quite weirdddd. not knowing what time it is.

funnily enough, i was malling with my mom and she bought me a lovely watch at fossil (see a badly taken camera photo here)... they do this build your own watch thang. and i built my own man watch. cus man watches look way better than wo-man watches (which i think are too tiny).

in any case, i had already collected 6 watches that i'd totally rock at work. (and this one, that i blogged about before!) so i'm still gonna share them. and i mean... just cus i have one new watch doesnt mean i cant ever have another... rightttt?

oversize vintage watch: in black & silver
by la mer collections
[ i am a huge fan of huge watches and i really dig this vintage feel ]

o'clock blue aqua watch: made of silicone
by o'clock
[ comes in a BUNCH of colors. and it's so fantastically simple ]

stripe frame: modern watch
by nine inch
[ it reads like a speedometer or something.... FUN! ]

by urban outfitters
[ the band is see-through!!! great colors and the clear is great too ]

by daniel will-harris
[ i really want this cus its so... different. unique. ruvvv! ]

by nixon
[ uhm... HELLO YELLOW! kekeke ]

[ links ]
oversized vintage watch: click
o'clock blue aqua watch: click
stripe frame modern watch: click
translucent plastic watch: click
past, present, and future watch: click
the pirouette watch: click

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