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[ beautiful room ] rice tin box

i'm DYING DYING DYING to have my own place. but i dont really wanna be here in maryland at all so it seems like a dumb idea to move out into an apartment or something. since i can just stay living here w/ my grandparens rent-free. but... i must try VERY HARD not to go ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. sigh.

anyways. whenever i FINALLY get to move to korea... or whatever... out on my own somewhere, i want this rice tin! and and and!!!! i want the matching bread box and the laundry detergent holder. which doesnt make sense to have in america, since it comes in a nice lil box. but some laundry detergents in korea come in plastic cut-the-top bag thingies. so it would make sense in korea!! i'd want the white rice box, the pink laundry box, and the blue bread box.


i just sneezed in real life and typed it.

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