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[ jae ko ] untitled

untitled | rolled paper, glue, graphite powder and sumi ink

i've said this before but, again, i'm always amazed by new and innovative ways of creating 3D art. mostly because i, personally, don't have the brain to create 3D art. and it always impresses me when i see something so awesome-looking made out of minimal materials.

jae ko works in paper and glue... as well as a few other materials for coloring purposes. she soaks about 50lbs of paper in water with ink or other natural dyes until the paper takes on the appearance of a solid man-made object. she stated:
"[Paper] is familiar to everybody, and not very special, yet making something 3D out of it – that is something different. I didn’t want to make something on paper; I wanted to make something with it."

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