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[ trikoton ] pullover · zweifarbig

so the german founders of trikoton (aka "the voice knitter) have something pretty cool up their sleeve (har har har). the patterns are custom woven onto clothing based on audio files that you can submit yourself! so each piece of clothing is unique to you. here's more about the process - according to thrillist, where i found this awesome find:
upload a minute of audio via a computer mic (your voice, music, yapping dog, etc), and an embedded flash player’ll display a visual example of the design -- a binary code pattern to be woven once the frequencies're interpreted by a hacked knitting machine outfitted with a PC-connected microcontroller and "24 small engines..."
uhmmm.... I THINK IT'S COOL. and it makes me think of all my musically inclined friends out there. get yoself on some clothes, y'all!

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