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[ 6 picks ] i know this great restaurant at the end of the universe

i'm dying to get the new samsung galaxy s. i probably won't get it. at least not until i know what i'm doing with my life after december (aka where i'll be after december). plus, there are a few things that are more important/necessary to buy at the moment (ahem a new computer ahem). so, instead of a new phone, i get to stick with the cyon icecream i've got. but i WILL get that dang phone sooner or later! unless, ya know. something way cooler comes out between now and the time i do get a new phone. mwahaha.

since i can't have the galaxy s right now, i'm sharing some fun galactic picks with you guys. think cosmic, planetary, outer spatial fun. i will admit, i'm not a huge "outer space" fan - i worked at NASA as a contractor and... let's just say it was NOT for me. plus, most "outer space" objects are SO far from art. it's usually kitschy and ugly, resembling clip-art. so it was kind of fun for me to go through and find stuff that's got that "outer space" theme without being cheesy.

btw i took a nyquil so i hope i finish this entry before i fall asleep! fighting!!!

nebular: costume design & styling
[ her portfolio is super interesting and fun to look through ]

by a_line
[ UHM i'm actually sorta kinda totally diggin' this ]

sputnik sweetheart: stud earrings
by lake
[ so delicate and feminine despite being space-inspired ]

the duat: mixed media collage
by brandi strickland
[ this really caught my eye ~ duat means "underworld" ]

galaxy leggings: printed tights
by black milk
[ you know how much i LOVE black milk leggings <3 ]

moondance shower curtain: shades of gold
by kontextür
[ again, space-inspired but delicate! and simplee! ]

[ links ]
nebular: click
cmyk nebula prism: click
sputnik sweetheart: click
the duat: click
galaxy leggings: click
moondance shower curtain: click

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