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[ 6 picks ] got a bone to pick with ya

i know, i know - i JUST shared some skull picks with you but i can't help it! i keep finding lovely boney skeletons to share. so here's another 6 picks ~ focused on bones, skeletons, and skulls this time.

purple ghost bones: screenprint
by boxy mouse
[ simply designed characters ]

lace knuckleduster clutch: satin w/ black overlace
by alexander mcqueen
[ OMG its like... brass knuckles but fancy ]

skulls: hoody
by regenerate clothing
[ regenerate has some preeeeetty fun designs ]

bones: limited edition print
by awed box art
[ a series of illustrations w/ marine hairstyles... this one? sea urchin ]

ribcage necklace: oxidized bronze
by lillian crowe
[ this necklace is fabulousssssss! ]

bone stacking game: board game
by chocosho
[ its like jenga... but bones. instead of blocks o_O ]

[ links ]
purple ghost bones: click
lace knuckleduster clutch: click
skulls hoody: click
bones - print: click
ribcage necklace: click
bone stacking game: click

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