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[ 6 picks ] alas, poor yorick!

blogpost title = hamlet reference. cus that's just how i does, sometimes.

i've been running across a lot of fun skull & bones & skeleton art/design finds lately so i figured i'd round them up into a 6 picks. so here we gooo!~

my head's in pieces: men's t-shirt
by excessisok
[ i LOVE this shirt. and most of the shirts they design ]

filigree skull: moneybox
by studio piršč
[ you have to smash it to get your $ back o_O ]

by the tiny little girl
[ colorfulll!! reminds me of día de los muertos ]

by ambush design
[ i like that some of the links are bones too ]

he was a gentleman: illustration
by orphan elliott
[ text at bottom = description, not part of artwork ]

skeleton keys: glow-in-the-dark key caps
by fred and friends at 10x10
[ uhm... why didn't i buy these? peeenk!!! ]

[ links ]
my head's in pieces: click
filigree skull: click
skully brooch: click
skull 'amb' bones: click
he was a gentleman: click
skeleton keys: click

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