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[ unwinder ] bone wars shoes

i've been saving this item to share on my blog for awhile. until the right moment. and what a coincidence that today, i found out that pretty much everything i know about dinosaurs is false.

it all started when dubz found out the triceratops never really existed. and then, while reading about that, i noticed that the writer mentioned brontosauruses weren't real either. which i had to immediately google. and i was crushed. because the brontosaurus is actually a result of the bone wars, between two archaeologists - marsh and cope. basically, in his rush to get a full brontosaurus skeleton put together, marsh mixed the body of an apatosaurus with the head of camarasaurus. so basically. not real. epic fail.

and of course, all i can think is: what about the land before time?! that entire movie is obsolete now. and what with pluto not being a planet, im starting to feel that my entire scientific education has been a complete lie.

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