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[ yeondoo jung ] 낮잠/afternoon nap

when i was a kid i used to have notebooks filled with drawings of dresses. that i wished i could make for my barbies. mostly evening wear, too. formal gowns and such. once a princess, always a princess.

photographer yeondoo jung took a bunch of children's drawings and made them "come to life" in his wonderland series (2005). what's interesting is that he spent four months overseeing four kindergarten art classes in seoul. through this position, he was able to collect over 1200 crayon drawings. he then selected about 20 drawings that he would recreate through photography. next, jung invited high school students to act as the models (or actors?) for these photographs. what i think is really interesting (and ingenious) is that he also had all of the attire and props custom-made so that the imperfections apparent in the drawings translated into the photographs as well. such an amazing concept. and i like how each of the drawings has a different point of view, based on jung's different interpretations.

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