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[ dan-ah kim ] hunting my demons

we were talking about weird dreams earlier today. i have weird dreams alllll the time. i usually wake up and remember them for a good ten minutes before forgetting them completely. when i dream, i'm usually watching it like a movie... so i actually see myself in my dream. and, like a movie, scenes just cut from one to another with no transition. very odd when i think about it being awake. but in my sleep, it's normal.

i know i've already shared some of dan-ah kim's artwork with you guys. but i just checked up on her newest work and, as expected, it's amazing. her work is so dream-like... and i feel that it's moved into darker territory. which i love. the darker edge of dreaming - not a nightmare, just the sliver of instability and danger and... invincibility that flows through most dreams.

clockwise from top left: migration, following fiends, our story takes all night, unwanted visits

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