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[ lisa chow ] leaving on a jet plane

so we are officially back in the states. im happy to be with family again but i REALLY miss korea. the flight itself was pretty much smooth sailing. i slept half for seven hours straight, so i had 6.5 hours left afterwards. since me and dubz couldnt get seats next to each other, i ended up watching some random movies to keep myself busy. i fell asleep a few more times for like 10-20 minutes each. uneventful.

the illustration above by lisa chow (from her city love series) is perfect. leaving home~ thats what leaving korea is... i guess seoul is home to me too.

and speaking of airplanes on a lighter note, please watch this rant by kingsley about the song "airplanes" (which i have yet to hear).

from left to right: city love series -  enough of silly love songs, wish is just a dream

from left to right: other series -  its sprinkling, tea party

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leaving on a jet plane: click
city love series: click
lisa chow: click

1 comment:

Kim said...

i love these prints!

i never told you, and completely forgot to, but when i went to ohio with manfriend to meet his family a few months ago, i came back with an ARSENAL of artists' names since we were art-gallery hopping while we there. i wrote them down to specifically share them with you. (don't ask, i'm uber random.) they're in my BB notes, and i will have to transcribe them to you soon, somehow.

welcome back, doll!