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[ anna aden ] longing series

our summertime romp in seoul is coming to an end - and i shall miss it dearly. i'm definitely a city girl... maybe it's part of being extroverted. in a city, you can be with people without being with people. ya kno? and, being an extreme extrovert, i have this deep need to be around people all the time. but sometimes... just sometimes... i get this desire to go somewhere isolated and be all on my lonesome.

swedish photographer anna aden's work makes me feel nostalgic. i was initially going to share her lily of the valley series with you all today... it's got this hazy summer-like quality that makes me yearn for my pool and bbqs and my backyard and crabfeasts. humid, lazy summer days in good ole maryland.

instead, im sharing her longing series today because it really caught my eye - especially the origami crane photo above. absoluty delightful! the photos in this series make me long for winter. tranquility. peace. quiet. it made me -- the extrovert to top all extroverts -- long for loneliness. solitude. seclusion.  

bravo, ms. aden, bravo.

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