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the weather's finally a lot nicer. though i'm stuck in an office so what do i know, right? *sigh* it's a bit slow this week at work and i'm really thinking about taking a day or two off and just doing something fun. if it wasn't iranian new year this saturday, i'd definitely book a last minute trip to a beachy somewhere and go. but, as its iranian new year (plus my grandpa's birthday), i can't really go anywhere too far. maybe ocean city for a day or something. there's also an art exhibition i might wanna hit up. but in general, i just want to relax in a warm weather-type situation.

i just discovered dan-ah kim (by way of - thanks!). she's a korean american artist and designer living in brooklyn. which makes me want to go back to nyc, visit ed in brooklyn, and somehow find her and talk to her about art. haha her work is super surreal/fanciful/loverly. every piece tells a different story. i feel like her work could inspire great adventure novels -- of the type i love most... magic, swordfights, and the like. and her work would be the perfect book cover for these novels too! 

i couldn't pick a favorite, though the isolated and relaxing nature of the top illustration really caught my eye. i wanna go lay down where she's walking and just beeeee. i also love the one below w/ the tiger. and the ones with the foxes. and ok i love them all.

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Ed said...

come to brooklyn!!!!!