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[ mouche ] food court bracelet

hit up coex today with dubz and ninja. i had to get new glasses because SOMEBODY (ahem dubz ahem hahaha) stepped on my old ones. so, when we got there, we hit up sbarro for a good old american slice of 'zza. let me just say, it was delicious. and made me nostalgic for the stamp student union at umcp.

it's interesting though, because a food court in a korean mall is similar in style but quite different in food selection. instead of american-style chinese food, there's 물냉면/mool naeng myun. instead of cinnabon, there's 김치볶음밥/kimchi fried rice. yumzzz.

this bracelet by korean jewelry designer mouche is amusingly (is that a word?) american. not that i particularly miss american food courts but it is a familiar sight to behold.

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food court bracelet: click
mouche on 10x10: click

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