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[ dean fleischer-camp & jenny slate ] marcel the shell with shoes on

this is about.... 2 wks old now. but autumn shared this video on facebook the day it came out and ever since then i've been (literally) watching it EVERY DAY... oftentimes 5+ times a day. it is... SO cute and ingenious.

its a stop motion animation about marcel the shell with shoes on. he's a cute lil guy made up of a hermit crab shell (sans hermit crab) with tennis shoes, one eye, and a delightfully expressive little mouth. it was written by dean fleischer-camp and jenny slate ~ with fleischer-camp directing and slate doing the voice. and the voice is really what makes marcel so darn amazing. that paired with the cute lil things he talks about.

i don't know which part's my favorite but it may be when he says "guess what my skis are... toenails from a man." or when he tries to lift a crayon. or when he talks about dorito hangliding. or.... well ok i love it all! just watch it below!

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